Bela Belize WP Bota de aventura para motocicleta

The best adventure motorcycle boots with comfort and safety

People who want to buy adventure motorcycle boots should look for comfort and safety in the boots so that they do not face any difficulties on and off the road. Such qualities are found in the Bela Belize WP adventure boots which are designed in such a way that they provide a pleasurable and comforting experience to ADV riders along with the assurance of durability.

Durability comes with comfort.

Bela Belize boots ensure comfort and durability for the motorcyclist who wears them. These boots are made of full grain oiled leather upper with microfiber which sustains the good quality of the boots over time. In other words, it means that the rider does not need to spend the money again and again to buy the boots and the best thing is that the quality remains good. The boots keep your feet dry with the help of waterproof, breathable lining and an antibacterial replaceable insole. Give your feet a fresh feeling. Therefore, the boots provide durability and comfort.

Safety is the priority

The boot manufacturers have taken into account that motorcycle rides can have accidents, so there are many safety qualities of these boots such as the Adventure dual-density non-slip rubber sole. It provides the cyclist with grip on the bicycle and prevents any type of accident due to slipping when getting off the bicycle. The ankle reinforcements are to keep your feet in good shape and provide more cushioning. Special rigid nylon midsole with steel shank along with extra soft polymer padding with memory foam. The Bela Belize WP adventure boots offer ankle protection by placingInjection molded plastic face plate, plastic gear pad protection, shin guards and ankle protection, molded plastic TPU internal molded protections on the boots help prevent open wounds and extreme sprains in the event of a crash. It shows that safety comes first for the makers of Bela Belize adventure boots.

Guarantee of comfort and safety

Laces can be problematic for female riders because of the adjustable Velcro closures and plastic buckles. They are provided to ensure ease of use of the boots. These vintage leather finish boots are simply the best for adventure motorcycle rides because they ensure to keep your feet safe and comfortable in every situation. Therefore, Bela Belize boots should be the first choice for motorcyclists who want to buy motorcycle adventure boots. Click here

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